Managed Cloud Resources, VPS & Dedicated Server

Web applications are getting more complex and resource hungry.  As clients attempt to do more using web technology, the resources requirements will outpace those that can be provided in a shared environment. 

Some of the more frequent reasons for dedicated systems are;-

  • Enhanced Security.  Dedicated will provide layers of security compared to shared hosting.
  • Dedicated resources.  If spikes happen at the same time, the server will not be able to cope.  For some business, downtime can be costly.
  • High resources requirement.  Beyond a certain level, resources will need to be purchased on a dedicated basis.
  • Load balancing, backup and redundancy planning.
  • Multi-country targeting. Setting up servers in different countries to serve customers from those regions.
  • Custom environment for custom development.  Shared hosting provided a one size fits all solution.

For these customers, we offer managed services to implement cloud resources, VPS and dedicated servers to boost the performance.

We understand that advanced requirements can be very different from client to client.  Do feel free to contact us for a no obligation discussion.